Gus Johnson must return to calling March Madness games

Key Bank Centre Buffalo, NY. Photo by Chris McKee.

Let me start this off by explaining that I do understand that broadcasters sign exclusivity contracts with certain networks and that they can’t just bounce around and do play-by-play for games on whatever TV network they please.

But in the words of Selena Gomez, the heart wants what it wants.

Gus Johnson should be doing play-by-play for the NCAA March Madness tournament every year; regardless of his network affiliation.

There are a handful of broadcasters over the past 50 years that have transcended sports and almost become more important or interesting than the game itself; Vin Scully calling a Los Angeles Dodgers game, Keith Jackson and Verne Lundquist calling college football, Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football, Howard Cosell calling a Muhammad Ali fight and Bob Costas hosting the Olympics.

There was just something so right about the universe when you heard the voices of those men as the back drop to a great sporting event.

The universe is a better place when Gus Johnson is on the microphone during a March Madness game and somehow and someway this has to happen once again in the near future.

I think it’s important we as fans don’t get too greedy when it comes to Gus calling March Madness games. Jim Nantz can keep his final game, we’re just looking for Gus to call a few early round games simply to add a little je ne sais quoi to the tournament.

Just think how much more interesting that No.3 vs. No.14 matchup becomes when Gus is on the call.

I’m well aware that egos often take precedent when it comes to big business (especially in sports media). However, we as the consumer have been demanding this for years and you would think CBS would at least explore the possibility of working out a deal with Fox to get Gus involved in the future.

Maybe its time we get Barack Obama involved because he too loves March Madness as much as many of us do. Obama can act as a mediator to help orchestrate a conversation between Gus and his agent as well as Eric Shanks (CEO of Fox Sports) and Sean McManus (Chairman of CBS Sports) to help make this dream become a reality for all basketball fans.

The NCAA tournament never disappoints but we as fans also want our one shining moment. We must get Gus Johnson back on the broadcast team for March Madness.

Drop a comment below if you too want to see Gus calling March Madness games or if you have any suggestions as to how we as fans can make this come to fruition.


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