I’m sorry but you won’t hear your name called at the NBA draft

Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto. Photo by Chris McKee.

“The biggest asshole in the room is the guy who is right.” – Dave Chappelle.

Every year the list of players who declare as an early entrant to the NBA draft grows exponentially. For every James Wiseman and Anthony Edwards who are surefire lottery picks there are 30 other players who have absolutely no chance of ever being drafted.

The NBA has two rounds of draft selections with only 60 players being picked and anyone picked later than the 17th or 18th pick still has an uphill battle just to see the floor on an NBA team. Back in 2018, 236 players declared for the draft which means the vast majority of those players did not get drafted.

Which leads to the big question…….who is advising these kids to declare?

Do any of these kids even watch the NBA to have an idea of the insane level of talent it takes to play in that league? It’s both baffling and sad to know that many of these players could’ve continued to play college basketball for a few more years but they choose to pass up that opportunity.

American Idol needed a guy like Simon Cowell with brutal honesty to break it down to the delusional contestants who didn’t understand the talent level it takes to make it in the music business. The NBA draft needs something similar so I’m going to step up to the plate because someone needs to tell these kids they have little to zero chance of hearing their name called on June 25.

I’m sorry to break the news to these players but you will not hear your name called in the NBA draft. That doesn’t mean you can’t eventually get to the NBA via some time in Europe or the G-League……but you ain’t getting drafted.

  1. Anybody who plays for the Richmond Spiders. Three players from a Richmond team that went 24-7 this season all declared on the same day. Not three guys from Duke, North Carolina or Kansas……but Richmond! Jacob Gilyard, Blake Francis and Grant Golden. Two guards under 6-feet tall and a forward who’s productivity decreased from his junior to senior year. I hope this was just a marketing ploy to get Richmond basketball in the press.
  2. Alonzo Gaffney from Ohio State. He never started a single game for the Buckeyes coming off the bench in 17 games averaging just 1.8 points per game (thats not a typo). Never mind the NBA, how many European teams will line up for a guy who couldn’t start or score for an average Big 10 team.
  3. Jermaine Bishop from Norfolk State. He’s listed as 6-foot-1 and is already 23 years-old and had an OK season for Norfolk (not Virginia or VA Tech, but Norfolk) with 15.6 points per game after transferring from Saint Louis. Get your passport updated cuz most of Europe is beautiful.
  4. Mason Faulkner from Western Carolina. He’s listed as 6-foot-1 and averaged 17.7 points per game in his one season for Western Carolina after transferring from Northern Kentucky (not Kentucky but Northern Kentucky). He had a nice year, but not NBA nice. Go back to school for your senior year.
  5. The Canadians Stef Smith from Vermont and Nate Darling from Delaware. I’m a Toronto guy so I can’t give the Canucks a pass. I did the play-by-play for some of Smith’s games in high school and he’s a nice player; but not an NBA player. His predecessor at Vermont (Trae Bell-Haynes) was a much better player with more national recognition and he didn’t get drafted. Darling had a great year in Delaware but is nowhere near NBA ready. Please go back to school.
  6. Ryan Daly from Saint Joe’s. He was Third-Team A-10 which will be awesome to tell the guy next to you in a sports bar in 10 years but find me an NBA scout who cares. Shot just 31 percent from three-point range the past two years in college. Go back to school.
  7. Ceasar DeJesus from Central Florida. Averaged just 9.5 points per game this year and only 3.4 the year before. Never even received All-Conference honours which means nobody who saw him play college was blown away with his game and now he thinks he can line up opposite James Harden and Damian Lillard.
  8. Jomaru Brown from Eastern Kentucky. He’s had a couple of really nice years at Eastern Kentucky including 18.5 points per game this season but drop the Eastern part from Kentucky and perhaps NBA scouts would be impressed. I know Ja Morant played in the same conference (OVC) but we’re talking about a once in a generation talent. Perhaps try to transfer to a school in a bigger conference and see if you can succeed there first before you try the league.
  9. Jordan Burns from Colgate. This guy can play and he may find his was into the NBA at some point but he isn’t getting drafted. He’s listed as 6-foot which is generous. I’d rather see him grad transfer and prove he can play against better competition for a full season instead of declaring too early.
  10. Cam Mack from Nebraska. He announced he was transferring from Nebraska then declares for the NBA draft. Played one year at Stephen F. Austin then transfers to Juco then transfers to Nebraska and then wants to transfer again after a whopping 12 points per game this year. Come on man……

For the sake of these young men, I hope I’m wrong; but I highly doubt it.


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