Podcast suggestions from NCAA basketball head coaches

Podcast suggestions from NCAA basketball coaches.

We spoke to several NCAA basketball head coaches and asked them to share any podcast or music suggestions.

It should come as no surprise that many college basketball head coaches are always looking for an edge or motivational technique to use at some point throughout the season and so various motivational speakers seem to be a popular choice.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History Podcast was the most popular amongst the coaches we spoke with as well as various college basketball podcasts from the likes of Jeff Goodman as well as Coaching U with Coach Brendan Suhr.

Here are the responses from five NCAA basketball head coaches:

Dusty May – Florida Atlantic. “I’m a podcast junkie. The Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll podcast has been phenomenal and there has only been about five episodes. I’m a big Tim Ferriss fan so his podcast is always pretty interesting. Those are my two favourites and then obviously Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History Podcast. As far as music, there is a series on HBO called Big Little Lies that my wife and I loved and downloaded the music to it.”

Bill Coen – Northeastern. “I am on self-improvement overload right now. There is a tonne of webinars, the International coaches Webinar was really, really good and the NABC have put on a bunch of webinars with coaches speaking that have been outstanding. Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, I delve into that a little bit as well as Shane Parrish who does the Knowledge Project and The Happiness Lab.

Russ Turner – UC Irvine. “I listen to a lot of college basketball podcasts and I’ve especially done that now. I like the Coaching U podcast and there is the Three Man Weave podcast that I thought was pretty good a couple of times. There are a bunch of them but I tend to stick to basketball podcasts.”

Carmen Maciariello – Siena. “I listen to a lot of books. I just listened to the World’s Greatest Salesman and also Chop Wood Carry Water that’s a good one. Another one is The Pep Talk by Kevin Elko who is a motivational speaker and does stuff with a lot of NFL teams. I’m aways looking for one or two things I can take away from a book that can help our team.”

Barret Peery – Portland State. “I just go for the motivational stuff and then try to get up to date on whats going on in college basketball whether its the Rothstein’s or the Goodman’s. I just change it from day to day. I push play and then take off running.”

To listen to the coaches talking about their favourite podcasts check out the video below.


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