D4L – Drake, Future and Young Thug


D4L is the latest release from Drake who enlisted the help of Future and Young Thug for this track.

The song is an homage to the group D4L who achieved a number one hit on the Billboard charts in January of 2006 with a song called “Laffy Taffy.”

D4L were a key part of the snap music trend of the mid-2000’s which was made popular by the likes of Soulja Boy and Dem Franchise Boyz.

The group D4L released a follow up album in 2006 that didn’t achieve anywhere near the success of “Laffy Taffy” and they eventually drifted away in popularity.

However, having Drake, Future and Young Thug show some love via their 2020 song it should be a boost for the career of D4L.

To check out more from D4L, check out their Spotify at this link.


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