Ennis details racist messages from Euro basketball fans

Dylan Ennis. Photo courtesy of the University of Oregon Athletics.

If you thought racism was an issue that is exclusive to the United States; think again.

Dylan Ennis is a professional basketball player who plays for Basket Zaragoza in Liga ACB in Spain.

In a post on his Twitter account, Ennis detailed some of the racist messages he has received from Euro basketball fans.

Ennis played NCAA basketball for Rice, Villanova and Oregon with stops in the NBA Summer League with Oklahoma City and Golden State in 2017. He has since played for various clubs across Europe.

Racism in sports in Europe is an all too common occurrence. Dozens of the world’s best soccer players have experienced racism at stadiums across Europe as well as from fans on social media.

The New York Times chronicled some of the racism experienced in soccer in recent years:

“Racism at European soccer games is on the rise. Recently, England’s national team threatened to walk off the field during a game in Bulgaria after fans made Nazi salutes and yelled monkey chants. In the Netherlands, a match was temporarily halted by racist chants. After a series of episodes in which black players were racially abused, Italian soccer officials unveiled an education initiative to fight the problem, but the initiative was immediately labeled racist itself.”

It was just last week that the FIBA executive committee issued a statement condemning all forms of racism in basketball.

In his statement, President Hamane Niang said, “FIBA is a politically neutral organization, as we want basketball to build a more cohesive future, not contribute to, or even further, political divisions. However, this does not mean staying silent on the issue of racism. FIBA unequivocally condemns all forms of discrimination as an attack on an individual’s basic human rights. There is no place for this in basketball, in sport, or in any aspect of society.”

Former BYU player Brandon Davies who also plays in Liga ACB with Barcelona wore a Black Lives Matter shirt during warm up for his game this week but its clear from Ennis’ post on social media that more needs to be done to help create change with sports fans across Europe.


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