James Wiseman will be the No.1 pick in the 2020 NBA draft

James Wiseman University of Memphis.

You’ve seen the mock drafts with the likes of Anthony Edwards, LaMelo Ball or perhaps Obi Toppin being selected with the No.1 pick in the 2020 NBA draft.

Well, they’re all wrong.

James Wiseman will be the No.1 pick in the 2020 NBA draft.

Wiseman is a 7-foot-1 centre/forward from Nashville, TN who played just three games of college basketball for the University of Memphis. In those three games, his dominance and athleticism was eye-opening and in a class far superior to any other player available in the 2020 NBA draft.

He averaged 19.7 points per game along with 10.7 rebounds during his short stint in Memphis which was eventually cut short after being deemed ineligible after he and his family received $11,500 from head coach Penny Hardaway for moving expenses. A legal battle followed and he was eventually cleared to play after repaying the money but in the end he chose to withdraw from school to focus on preparing for the NBA draft.

Some may argue that drafting a player No.1 overall with just three games experience at the college level would be a bad move without enough game tape to evaluate. However, keep in mind that Kyrie Irving played in just 11 games for Duke before being drafted No.1 overall in 2011. Aside from the flat earth stuff, Irving has clearly proved himself worthy of that selection which should work in favour of the team considering selecting Wiseman.

At just 19 years-old, Wiseman is capable of playing both the centre and power forward position at the NBA level and in due time could develop into a guy who could also spend some time playing the small forward position. Positionless basketball is the future of the NBA and Wiseman has the physical tools to adapt.

The best NBA player comparison for Wiseman would be Hakeem Olajuwon who was the No.1 pick in the 1984 draft by the Houston Rockets. Obviously, Wiseman has a long way to go before he can become a player like Olajuwon but he has the size, skill set and athleticism that will allow him success in the NBA.

After reviewing game film for just about every player projected in the first round, Wiseman is in a class of his own in what appears to be one of the weaker drafts in many years.

LeMelo Ball is an excellent player who should make an immediate impact in the NBA (provided his father Lavar can stay out of his way) and Auburn’s Isaac Okoro is an absolute stud who will develop into an excellent player in years to come.

However, no other player available in this years draft has the dominance factor that Wiseman brings to the court. Okuro, Ball, Toppin etc can all play at the NBA level, but they won’t be able to dominate at the NBA level in the same manner that Wiseman will.

You don’t need 30 games worth of tape on Wiseman to see that he is clearly the best player available in 2020.

Write it down now, James Wiseman will be the No.1 pick in this years NBA draft.


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