Meek Mill name checking Jason Terry key for Arizona recruiting

Jason Terry. Photo courtesy of the University of Arizona.

Back in late May, the Arizona Wildcats announced the hiring of Jason Terry as an assistant coach on Sean Miller’s staff.

Terry is a legend on campus in Tuscon, having led Arizona to a National Championship title in 1997 as well as being named Pac-10 Player of the Year in 1999 before being selected in the first round (10th overall) in the 99 draft.

Terry went on to play 19 years in the NBA with stops in Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Brooklyn, Houston and Milwaukee.

However, when it comes time for recruiting on behalf of the University of Arizona few of those accomplishments will hold the same weight as the honour that was bestowed upon Terry just last year.

On January 22, 2019 Meek Mill released his single “Going Bad” featuring Drake that his since gone on to have over 200 million views across YouTube and sell five-times platinum.

In the song, Meek Mill says, “Put some bands all on your heads like Jason Terry.”

The line references Terry’s infamous headband he wore on the court all throughout his career.

Whether you’re an assistant or head coach in the NCAA, the vast majority have played college basketball or even the NBA. However, very few recruits actually spend time to look up the history of the guy recruiting them and just about every current recruit wasn’t even born when Terry was selected in the 99 draft.

Name a basketball gym in North America that hasn’t played “Going Bad” during the pre-game warm up or throughout parts of the game over the past year?

Although Terry may not be able to garner the attention of a 17 year-old player by rhyming off his stats from his impressive NBA career he can now drop the rhymes of Meek Mill and gain instant recognition and credibility on the recruiting trail.

“I’m the guy Meek Mill name checks in Going Bad.”

Sean Miller has never had a shortage of four and five-star recruits during his 11 year tenure at Arizona but having a coach on staff whose name appears in one of the biggest rap songs in recent memory will only make it that much easier to add big name recruits in the coming years.

Look for Terry’s new found fame amongst millennials to be a key in recruiting for Arizona.

Miller and Terry back-to-back it’s getting scary.


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