Rick Pitino yells at cloud


Sometimes irony can be amazing.

Rick Pitino has been away from college basketball for nearly three seasons due to various infractions handed down against him by the NCAA after a University of Louisville employee provided prostitutes for recruits, players and some of their fathers.

While just about every major college program in the United States shied away from re-hiring Pitino because of his past he was eventually able to land a head coaching job back in the NCAA with Iona.

In one of the more ironic social media posts in recent memory; Rick Pitino has a message for the NCAA; cancel the start of the NCAA basketball season.

After doing everything in his will power to get back into the NCAA, Pitino wants to push back the start of the season to January for safety reasons.

Even though just about every health care professional with actual knowledge on viruses (Fauci doesn’t count with his track record of inaccuracy) says there is little to zero risk for college aged athletes, Pitino disagrees.

Its amazing at the fear level of various coaches and writers predicting the doom and gloom of a virus that can be fatal to less than 0.5 percent of the world population. There are dozens of sports leagues across the world that have been back in action for weeks if not months with zero significant health issues at all.

The Bundesliga has been in play since mid-May without any health issues along with the recent return of the English Premier League as well as the PGA Tour. Rugby stadiums in New Zealand have been packed with 50,000 plus fans all without issue.

Dozens of players, coaches and caddies have tested positive, been sent away from the team to recover and all have been fine a few days following.

The cancel culture in North America is appalling and out of control and if there was ever one person who needed to stay down and not offer advice to the NCAA; its Rick Pitino.

I guess the irony is that nothing sums up the year 2020 more than Rick Pitino offering advice to the NCAA on any subject.

Rugby highlights from New Zealand June 14, 2020 with a sold-out stadium.


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