The Wolf Lady Story – Book excerpt from Life on the road with the Wu-Tang Clan

Life on the road with the Wu-Tang Clan by Chris McKee.

The following is an excerpt from my book “Life on the road with the Wu-Tang Clan.” Ghostface Killah insisted I arrange to have an oxygen tank in his dressing room prior to every show on a cross-Canada tour in 2011. This is what happened one night on tour in Nelson, BC.

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When I walked back to the venue and into the green room, Ghostface was all hooked up to the oxygen machine in search of clean air.

I didn’t want to point out the fact that he was in Nelson, BC in the middle of the Rocky Mountains which has some of the cleanest air on the planet that he had already been breathing in for hours since arriving in town. I was just happy that he was finally using one of the oxygen set ups that I had worked for weeks to try to arrange for him.  

Ghostface was hooked up to the oxygen bar for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and then several of the other guys in the crew all jumped onto the machine following. 

The woman running the oxygen bar for us backstage was a few years older than most of us. I’d say she was somewhere around 50 years-old. She is one of those women who looks like she’s probably into holistic medicine and healing and can talk about the colour of the aura she can see behind you. 

She had a very peaceful and soothing tone to her voice and she didn’t just hook you up to the oxygen bar and let you breathe the air; she made it an experience in itself.  

When Ghostface was hooked up to the oxygen, the woman was talking about the stress in his life and how it is affecting his breathing. She mentioned some other stuff about his energy and aura and it seemed as though he was buying everything she said. 

Ghostface is funny like that. If we had met this woman any other day he could’ve dismissed her in a second and said she was full of nonsense. But on this particular day he seemed very relaxed and at peace breathing from her oxygen bar and soaking in her life advice.

Ghostface has told me stories about living in Africa for a few months and seeking out alternative medicines all over the world to help cure his diabetes. So he seemed pretty open to hearing what this woman had to say. 

She started telling Ghostface how she had just moved back into society after 25 years of living in the mountains. She explained that when her parents passed away many years ago that she had received a sizeable inheritance. She continued to explain that she bought a house on the side of a mountain and had lived off the land for many years by growing her own food and keeping some livestock on her compound. 

She then explained that her only companion for many years was a wolf.

Not a dog that looked like a wolf but an actual wolf. 

The wolf had been living in the wild and I guess had become separated from its pack and this woman somehow gained the trust of the wolf. 

The wolf eventually become her “pet” and lived on the compound with her for many years.

Thankfully the wolf never ripped her face off at any point.

The woman explained how she eventually ran out of the money she had been living off for years and had to move back into society and find a job. 

She had only recently moved back into town in Nelson, BC and had started working for a friend who owned a spa that had the oxygen bar as well as hyperbaric chambers and more. 

I don’t recall her ever telling us her name so she simply became the wolf lady

Once the show got started it was a pretty lively crowd even though it was only a small club. 

We were dead smack in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in western Canada every single person in the club new the words to every single song. 

Wu-Tang truly is for the children. 

While we were all getting ready to leave in the morning but there was one member of the entourage missing. I won’t name names on this occasion.

We were standing outside packing up the bus and one of the guys appeared over the horizon like Clint Eastwood heading into some western town for gun battle. You could almost hear the snake tales rattling as he appeared over the hill. 

He was doing the walk of shame back to the hotel just before the bus was heading out of town. 

He could barely make eye contact with any of us and had a look of guilt on his face. I knew what he had been up to but we couldn’t figure out why he was being so coy or perhaps secretive about whom he was with. 

Discussing who hooked up with certain woman was part of our morning discussion on almost a daily basis but he was being awfully quiet. 

Finally Ghostface came out to the bus and was laughing his ass off. I asked Ghostface if he knew where that certain member of his entourage had been all night. 

Ghostface said, “He was fucking that wolf lady.”

We all keeled over with laughter. 

Ghostface explained that he and his friend had gone back to the spa with the wolf lady after the show because she was going to let them use the hypobaric chamber. Ghostface said they all had a few drinks and that he excused himself after he could see what was about to go down and he walked back to the hotel on his own very early in the morning.

However, one of the guys stayed with her and the rest is history. 

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