Jack Harlow – Whats Poppin


Jack Harlow is a 22 year-old rapper from Louisville, KY who has the surprise hit of 2020 with his song “Whats Poppin.”

Its one of those songs I had heard on various radio stations across the IHeartRadio network and thought it was a great track. When I eventually looked up who Jack Harlow was I was a little surprised to see that Harlow doesn’t exactly look like your every day rapper.

However, the proof is in his music and Harlow is quickly becoming one of the surprise stars of 2020.

Harlow has also achieved new notoriety after he posted a picture on his Instagram with him and Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers at an Atlanta strip club.

Due to recent NBA protocol, Williams wasn’t supposed to be out at any bar or nightclub and Harlow quickly came to his defence by saying he posted an old picture of Williams.

Regardless, look for Harlow to emerge as one of the surprise stories in music this year with plenty more hits to come.

Check out Harlow on Spotify at this link.

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