Documentary on the Evolution of Drum and Bass in Toronto


The Evolution of Drum and Bass in Toronto perfectly chronicles the rave scene of the 1990’s.

The rave scene of the 1990’s in Toronto is mostly one giant blur for most of us who experienced it.

Those were the days before everyone and their mother carried a cell phone with a camera and so the rave scene in the 90’s wasn’t exactly documented very well. Most were too busy having fun to worry about taking picture or videos.

However, this documentary on Drum and Bass music in Toronto covers many of the great story lines throughout the early rave days.

The doc is directed and produced by Chris McKee who was the owner of the legendary Jedi Records label and produced events across Canada under the Jedi brand as well as AWOL Toronto and Most Wanted Entertainment.

You can also check out Part 2 of the Evolution of Drum and Bass here as well.

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Chris McKee is a Toronto based broadcaster and writer. Chris has done play-by-play for CBC Sports and TSN radio calling professional, college and high school basketball, volleyball and soccer. He also works as a traffic reporter for TSN 1050, News Talk 1010 and Jewel 88.5 and was recently the Social Media Director for Golf Talk Canada on TSN. Prior to working in sports, he was an award winning music agent and concert promoter for 20 years having produced concerts for the likes of Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, Wu-Tang Clan, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and many more. Author of the book "Life on the road with the Wu-Tang Clan."


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