Di Chiara antics disgraceful for York 9

Photo courtesy of One Soccer.

Joseph Di Chiara acting and antics cost HFX star Joao Morelli a red card and a two-game suspension.

Its important to note that York 9 FC midfielder Joseph Di Chiara is an extremely talented player and perhaps one of the best in the Canadian Premier League.

However, his antics, embellishment and acting on the pitch are completely bush league and don’t belong in the CPL.

On Aug 29, York 9 played HFX Wanderers and in the 22nd minute Di Chiara initiated contact with HFX’s Joao Morelli just outside the York 9 18-yard box with HFX on the attack.

Morelli raised his arm in attempt to brush off his defender and inadvertently touched the right side of Di Chiara’s neck with his forearm. Di Chiara dropped like a sack of bricks and was writhing on the ground in apparent pain.

The way Di Chiara dropped to the ground it incited memories of November 22, 1963 which was that fateful day John F. Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight in Dallas, TX.

The York 9 training staff rolled out a stretcher on to the field to potentially wheel away the fallen soldier Di Chiara.

However, when you go back and look at the replay and still pictures of the incident Morelli’s elbow doesn’t even touch Di Chiara and it was clearly a forearm that graced his neck (see the picture at the top of this article).

Di Chiara’s unbearable antics have been consistent throughout the Island Games in that he likely should received a red car for numerous infractions throughout the Aug 15 game vs Atletico Ottawa before he was able to score on a penalty that helped York 9 salvage a 2-2 draw.

He also should’ve seen a red for numerous fouls and infractions during the Aug 26 game against Forge FC before he scored the winning penalty shot in the 60th minute giving York 9 a 3-2 win.

He was finally suspended for multiple yellow cards and missed the York 9 September 1 game against the winless FC Edmonton. York 9 won 1-0.

Playing the role of agitator on the field is usually reserved for less talented players who use cheap tactics to gain any minimal advantage available to them because they don’t have the skills to get the better of their opponents.

That’s what makes Di Chiara’s performance in the Island Games so off-putting; he’s got plenty of skill and doesn’t need to result to acting and antics to get results.

Every good story needs a villain. Joseph Di Chiara has become the villain of the Canadian Premier League in 2020.


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