College basketball dunk of the year from Deon Stroud

Photo courtesy of Fresno State University.

Fresno State’s Deon Stroud dropped a dunk mid-game that you would usually see in a slam dunk contest.

Fresno State was trailing UNLV by six points with just over 12 minutes to play in a tightly contested Mountain West Conference game.

Then out of nowhere, Fresno State guard Deon Stroud dropped a 360 dunk that you may have seen before courtesy of the likes of Vince Carter or Dominique Wilkins in an NBA slam dunk competition.

It was a risky move by Stroud during such a tight game that had seeding implications for the upcoming Mountain West tournament. However, it paid off well because it gave Fresno State a much needed boost that ended up helping them to a 67-64 win over UNLV.

Stroud is a sophomore from Fresno, CA who is averaging 12.2 points per game this season after transferring to his home town following his freshman year at UTEP.