Recruiting watch: Orangeville Prep’s Justin Chase has a 43.5 inch vertical jump


Get to know Justin Chase from Orangeville Prep, a 6’7 wingman who can jump out of the gym.

Orangeville Prep’s Justin Chase stock is beginning to rise in 2022.

Chase is a 6’7 wingman from Toronto, ON in the Class of 2023 who has a recorded vertical jump of 43.5 inches. If Chase was headed to the NFL combine in 2022, he would have the 10th highest recorded vertical in combine history.

Chase is a former high school track and field champion who has developed into one of Canada’s best young hoops stars.

With Orangeville Prep entering the Top 10 rankings of the Grind Session league (No.9) in the United States and headed toward the playoffs in their Ontario based league, expect NCAA interest to continue to grow for Chase.

Chase’s mid-range jump shot is almost impossible to defend with him easily elevating over top of any defender. His size and speed have also allowed him to become an exceptional defender against multiple positions.

Check out Chase’s game highlights and interview from Jan. 26, 2022 vs J Addison.