The trickle down effect if a LIV player wins the PGA Championship 

Individual Champion, Captain Dustin Johnson of 4Aces GC poses with the trophy during the final round of LIV Golf Tulsa at the Cedar Ridge Country Club on Sunday, May. 14, 2023 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/LIV Golf)

The impact of an active LIV player winning a major championship could be immense in the world of golf.

Rudyard Kipling was an English writer who penned the famous poem “If.”

In spite of “IF” being written over 125 years ago the concept behind it still holds relevance today, especially in the world of golf. 

This week in Rochester, New York at the PGA Championship there is the potential that the landscape of professional golf could be altered forever. 

What IF a player from the LIV Golf League wins the PGA Championship?

The trickle down effect could be massive.

IF a LIV player wins, it sparks a legitimate conversation of which golf league really has the best players. 

IF a LIV player wins, it almost certainly will inspire some big name PGA Tour players to make the exodus to LIV.

IF a LIV player wins, it has the potential to spark interest from a major US TV network because all it takes is one executive with a vision to realize “people want to watch this brand of golf and the players are really good.” If the TV ratings match the 2023 Masters final round which were at a five year high (in spite of no Tiger), you’d be foolish not to want more TV time for LIV players. 

IF a LIV player wins, it immediately forces the hand of the official world golf ranking system to get off their high horse and begin to award points to players who compete in LIV events. They’d have to do it immediately because it would then become just spiteful in the eyes of the average sports fan to ignore the LIV Golf League after a win at a major. No more dragging out the process.

IF a LIV player wins, its almost certain it will inspire a TV ratings boost for their coverage on the CW Network for upcoming events and you’ll also see a bigger bump in social media follows on all of the LIV social platforms. 

IF a LIV player wins, it immediately validates the vision of LIV CEO Greg Norman. 

IF a LIV player wins, it could inspire the Saudi Public Investment Fund to invest even more money into the new golf league. Seize the moment to put pressure of your competitors. 

IF a LIV player wins, it will make many members of the media look like fools for not understanding the vision or game plan of LIV Golf. They’ll have no choice but to admit the validity of the new league.

IF a LIV player wins, it will almost certainly open up the availability of big time courses and country clubs across the United States instead of playing at the likes of Cedar Ridge in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

IF a LIV player wins, it could possibly perk the interest of additional big name corporate sponsors to get involved with the new league.

IF Phil Mickelson wins the PGA Championship; all hell will break loose.